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5-6 aydır l2 ye ara vermiştim bugünlerde tekrar başlamak istiyorum. şöyle bildiğiniz,oynadığınız güzel pvp serveri varsa türk arkadaşlarla takılmak isterim. tercihim freya ya da gracia clientlerdir.
-New/Custom Features
*Chronicle - Epilogue
* All items sold for FREE (excluding GC/GCM/LS/RB Jewels)
* Starting level - 85
* Starting subclass level - 80
* Starting town - Innadril
* Auto learn skills (including Forgotten Skills)
* No farming/mob grinding
* No noblesse quest
* No certificate quest
* No subclass quest (item from Baylor)
* Baylor spawns every 5 (+-2) hours (drop 1-3 Noblesse potion(s), 5-15 GCM and 5-7 SP Potions)
* Headquarters zone (only 1 clan in that zone gets reputation points. Every player in that zone gets flag status. 75Rep. points for taking over Headquarters. 50Rep. points every minute for saving Headquarters)
* Scheme buffer (works only in peace zone, limit 24buffs / 12dances)
* PVP reward (100k SP (if in party divided to all party members), Reward Box (contains GC - 10%, GCM - 13%, LS - 10%, Noblesse potion - 5%, SP Crystal (100k) - 10%, PVP Enchanted stone - 50%)
* 8 PVP kills in a row - PVP Aura + Announcement
* 8 PK kills in a row - PK Aura + Announcement
* PVP/PK color system (PVP - name, PK - title)
* TVT event every 2hours (except for midnight, reward 1 GCM), requires at least 3 kills

* Simple enchant chance - 100%
* Attribute enchant chance - 100%
* Augument skill chance - 70%
* Weapon enchant limit - 15
* Armor enchant limit - 10
* Jewellery enchant limit - 10
* Olympiad enchant limit - 6

* Giran castle siege every Saturday 17:00 (GMT 2+)
* Innadril castle siege every Saturday 17:00 (GMT 2+)
* New castle owner clan get 2 random RB Jewels + 6GCM for each online member, all siege participating clans gets 1 random RB Jewel + 3GCM for each online member (requires Clan Leader and at least 4 clan members to be online to get reward)

* Olympiad starts - 18:00 (GMT 2+)
* Olympiad ends - 23:30 (GMT 2+)
* New heroes every Sunday 23:45 (GMT 2+)


farm yapmaktan sıkılıp pvp isteyenler için iyi bi server gibi duruyor,ben dün gece başladım yarın siegeler var pazara herolar belli olacak. serveri test etmenizi tavsiye ederim

nick: KinqBastrdZz ---- BaTTaL
beyler bi sorum olacaktı interlude client oynuyorum clan lvl 8,noblesim var main clandayım. status üm Baron!

Baron olduğum için viscount ve count un alabileceği clan skillerini alamıyorum. en az 10 skill alamıyorum :S

count u geçtimde en azından viscount olsam bari. bi yol biliyorum Royal Guard yada Knight lardan birinin lideri olsam olabilir ama bu imkansız gibi yunan clanındayım :)

freyada biliyorum ama interlude nasıl olacak?? Clan march skilini alamıyorum ya speed lazım :S yardımlarınızı bekliyorum
beyler büyük bi kararsızlık içindeyim yardım edin lütfen..

valakas: +445 hp,p.atak,skil re-use .....

tezza: %15 stun/paralyse resistance,aynı şekilde atma oranı, skil re-use

blessed freya: stun resistance %20, paralise res. %20 , mental res. %10 , CON +1 MEN +2 STR -1

şimdi lütfen birine oy verin(pvp serveri dagger char ve mage char fazla, oly. de de iş yapacak şekilde)

yorumlarınızı ivedilikle bekliyorumm, teşekürlerr....
Server Features

XP 1000 | SP 1000 | ADENA 1000

- 4 subclasses for 1 character ( Lv 85 for subclass )
- Geodata server: new smart quality geodata & pathnode
- Olympiad system - starting from 18:00 - 00:00
- Olympiad system - heroes are formed every 2 weeks
- Safe enchant +7
- Max enchant Weapon +20
- Max enchant Jewels +20
- Max enchant Armor +20
- Normal Scroll: 70%
- Blessed Scroll of Enchant: 100%
- Attribute Max Lv 7
- Buffer 3 hours buff time includes 4 schemes - 40 Buffs / 18 Songs/Dances
- Augumenter in every town with full items on sale
- Npc Bank in every town where you can change Adena / GB / Coins
- Luxury GM Shop including Freya Weapons/Armors/Raidboss Jewels
- Special PvP/Farming Zones
- Full C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, Interlude, Kamael, Gracia Zones
- Full C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, Interlude, Kamael, Gracia Mobs/RB's
- Wedding System in one Special Zone
- Player spawn protection 60 seconds
- Clan Hall, Fortress and Castle are now working 100%
- Lvl 81/83 Skills at Forgotten Shop (Forgotten Scrolls)
- Offline traders working 100%
- Protection against 3rd part softwares
- Global Chat for Trades (Used Language - English)
- Events: Team vs. Team , Town War , GM Event Daily
- Weight limit increased 5x, space limit 100
- Class manager give 1 giants codex at 3rd class
- All subclasses can be changed at every high priest

http://www.realestatel2.tk/index.html nick: BaTTaL - TeGiN
Server Rates:

Experience Points (Exp): 500x
Skill Points (Sp): 500x
Drop: 1x
Adena Drop: 1x
Raid Boss Drop: 5x

Enchanting Rates

Max Weapon Enchant: 20
Max Armor Enchant: 17
Max Jewellery Enchant: 17
Safe Weapon Enchant: 3
Safe Armor Enchant: 3
Safe Jewellery Enchant: 3

To ensure that the server stays online for long a time, we have created a new system. Since it is very easy to get items on the server, we had a vote on out forum were our players decided that it would be fair for donators to have +3 enchant higher than the max enchant; however normal players will also be able to get this "higher enchant +3" same as donators, but it will be a little hard to find those special Crystal scrolls.

Normal Scroll Enchant Rate: 72%
Blessed Scroll Enchant Rate: 75%
Crystal Scroll Enchant Rate: 100%
Attributes System: Disabled
- -------------------------Additional Information-------------------------------------------------------

* Cheap item prices (less farming, more PvP)
* Shop currency: Event Adena , Adena ,Vote adena
* Autolearn skills
* Autoloot items (except Herbs)
* Increased Weight Limit (20x)
* 2 hours buffs/songs/dances (except for some self buffs, kamael’s & hero’s buffs)
* Extended buff-slots (36) and retail dance-/song-slots (12)
* Several skills are adjusted to maintain the best balanced PvP Experience
* Easy Clan Leveling
* All-In-One NPC (multiple functions in one NPC)
* Hero-Weapons are boosted
* Hero-Skills are boosted
* Epic jewels are retail like but with higher drop rate (MID farm way)
* 6 custom Raid Bosses are in Normal zone + 3 new Raid Bosses are in SAFE ZONE with some cool drop
* Olympiad retail like
* Portable class masters
* Free sub classes
* Disabled attribute system
* Disabled certifications
* Offline private shops
* More than enough adena to start with
* Alt + Left Click on a buff/song/dance will remove it
* Mana potions are sold in a shop
* 85 Level Fortress guards
* Clans do not require more than 10 chars to increase all the levels

Olympiad Information
- 1 month
- 6 hours period for olympiad per day
- 60 seconds waiting time
- Non-class based to start people needed: 7
- Class based to start people needed: 5
--------------------------------------------Special Features-------------------------------------------

* Custom cancellation system:
when you get cancelled, you will regain all your lost effects again after 15 seconds. It makes “cancel” not that annoying. Also when your buffs have been restored, you get notified about it by the message on the screen. The system works with all of types of “cancels”, banes, touch of death, steal divinity, hero pole.

* new Anti KS system :
whoever does the most damage on a raid boss or mobs will take those drops (Fully protect by any king of exploit or glitch).

* Sub class skills Disabled

* Killing Spree system:
You will get publicly broadcasted after you kill 5/10/15/20/25/… people without dying

* PvP Messages:
another mod that is very useful for mass PvP. You get a message with big white letters on the screen, when you kill or get killed.

* Spawn protection effect lasts for 10 seconds

* PvP Color system:
want to stand out? Every time you gain a certain amount of PvP points, your title color will change.

* Geodata and pathnods:
we can ensure you will not encounter wall shoots, wall walkers or any kind of similar troubles.

* Vote reward systems

* Completely NEW community Board:
You can check here info about our server, top PvP and PK, castle info, account info and server statistics. You can also repair your char in case of critical error on login by using "repair character" button at the community board. You just make another char on the same account and then use the community board to repair your bugged char if needed so.


* Custom Cloaks:
we have 11 new cloaks with some extra stats: CP,HP,P.def,MP. However, you will not be able to use these cloaks in the Olympiad!

* Buff shield protection:
each char has 1 skill, it will block all the incoming buffs when you activate it.


------------------------------------Special NPCs (Non-Player Characters)-------------------------------

* Auto enchanter enchants your items until +3 (safe enchant).
* AIO NPC (all in one NPC).
* Color title NPC (paint your title with your own color; event adena is needed).
* Scheme Buffer.
* NPC where you can buy clan points.
* Class master (inside Level zone).
* Raid Bosses respawn Info NPC.

NPC buffers and AIO NPC have also protection against flagged players (you cannot use NPC when you are flagged).

---------------------------------------Farm zones / useful places -------------------------------------
* Normal zone / drops adena, event adena (low). PK guards are ONLY near the spawn (MID FARM)
* Party zone / drops ls, gc, event adena, adena. PK guards are ONLY near the spawn (HIGH FARM)
* Safe zone / drop event adena, adena. PK guards are everywhere (PK is not allowed)( LOW farm )
* Custom Olympiad place designed to avoid "Feed"
* Custom wedding place (because we are romantic)
* Custom farm place for clan eggs (1 small instance)
* Level up zone, fast XP inside peace zone

You cannot drain from NPCs located in all the farm zones.

--------------------------------------------->Events !<-----------------------------------------------
14 events + 1 Event Capture The Base

<General info about events>

* Event Manager : NPC or you can use our custom community board where you can handle both voting and registration for players, as well as it shows information about the running event or use .event.

* Score bar:
Every event shows a text score bar to all the players inside, with the time left, score and more.

* Scheme Buffer:
Players can set up their buff schemes for all their characters/subclasses.

* Statistics:
You can check all the players overall event statistics and also statistics for individual event types.

* You will get a reward even if you lose (but it will be smaller)

* Automatic party creation:
In team events (like TvT) the engine creates parties automatically.

*Schedulable events:
There are also few Schedulable events (a vote from players is not required, just every day on X time)

-------------------------------------------------Event list---------------------------------------------

Capture the Flag:
Standard Capture the Flag with 2 teams.

One zone, 2 teams. If the count of team 1 players inside the zone is greater than the count of team 2 players, then team 1 gets one point per sec.

Bomb Fight:
2 teams. Every player gets a new skill. When you use it, it spawns a bomb which explodes after 1*2 seconds and kills everyone in a certain radius.

Team vs Team:
Standard Team vs Team fight with 2 teams.

Free for all. The one with the most kills wins.

Last Man Standing:
Free for all. The last survivor wins.

VIP Team vs Team:
Standard Team vs Team with a random VIP player in both teams. Killing the VIP = +1 score for the team. The VIP is different at each respawn.

Lucky Chests:
On start a lot of chests are spawned. They open on click. There is a chance that the chest will explode and the player will die, and get resurrected a few seconds later. The player with the most opened chests wins.

One random zombie player will chase the others. If he hits someone he becomes a zombie. The last non-zombie wins.

Simon Says:
In each round Simon the NPC says a random text. The players have to say it too. The last one who says and everyone who says a wrong word lose. The winner of the last round wins.

Double Domination:
2 team, 2 zones. The team gets a score if they hold both of the zones for 10 seconds.

Russian Roulette:
The event spawns 6 "russian". In each round every player chooses one. One of the russian, and everyone who chose him dies. The survivors of the last round win.

One player becomes a mutant. The others have to kill him. The mutant has increased stats. If someone kills him, the killer will be the next mutant. If the mutant kills someone he gets a point. The player with the most points wins at the end of the event

2 teams. There are a few points which the teams can capture. In every second the teams score increased by the count of the points captured by the team. The team with the most points wins.

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