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Sony Range of Balanced Armature In-ear kullaklıklar XBA-4

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    15 September 2011
    Sony Delivers Unparalleled Intense Aural Experience with New Range of Balanced Armature In-ear Headphones
    With the ultimate in style comfort and sound quality, enjoy an immersive audio experience in various different forms

    (Singapore, 15 September 2011) – Sony Electronics Asia Pacific today introduces the Balanced Armature (BA) in-ear headphones – a range of 11 new high performance models featuring Sony’s new BA technology. By bringing together the best expertise and technologies across Sony, the micro-sized BA drivers are optimised for music enjoyment, giving users of the Sony Balanced Armature headphones a new high performance sound quality listening experience like no other.

    Freely tuneable with the ability to combine full-range, woofer, tweeter and super woofer units, it offers a wider frequency range and a highly nuanced sound experience. Thanks to the driver’s micro-size construction and high sensitivity, Sony’s new Balanced Armature headphones are able to achieve high resolution sound, style comfort, sound isolation, and even waterproofing- all while producing great sound quality and significant performance advantages.

    Quarter the size of a 13.5mm dynamic driver which has a similar level of sensitivity, compact and uniquely designed, Sony’s BA drivers are optimised for music enjoyment. With its sealed housing reducing the amount of ambient noise, the levels of sound leakage- both in and out of the ear, is significantly reduced in comparison to conventional dynamic drivers. A deeper and richer sound is produced, allowing for high-quality playback over a broader sound range across all models of the new Sony Balanced Armature headphones.

    “With audiophiles and music lovers in general continually in pursuit of greater sound quality, the Sony Balanced Armature headphones offers a new holistic auditory experience,” said Mr. Yosuke Aoki, General Manager, Personal Imaging & Sound Asia Pacific, Sony Electronics Asia Pacific. “These new models will forever change the way one appreciates music by catering to their individual specific needs.”

    High Quality Sound Models for Common Listening

    Featuring the newly developed micro-sized BA driver units, the XBA-1, XBA-2, XBA-3 and XBA-4 headphones encompass one (full range), two (full range + woofer), three (full range + woofer + tweeter), and four (full range + woofer + tweeter + super woofer) BA driver units respectively – producing crystal clear sound reproduction and quality across the range of frequencies. The ability to combine woofer and tweeter drivers in addition to the standard full-range driver, would also greatly appeal to music lovers seeking an even more intensely satisfying listening experience, with bass and treble frequency ranges reproduced in even higher-fidelity.

    Snugly enclosed in a newly developed double layered housing, the high-quality magnesium inner housing for the XBA-2, XBA-3 and the XBA-4, along with the Liquid Crystal Polymer of the XBA-1, holds the BA driver units rigidly in place for smooth sound response, while the special ABS material outer housing prevents unwanted vibrations for crystal clear mid-high range audio reproduction.

    In addition, the micro-sized BA drivers allow for ultimate in-ear fit and comfort, with a Noise Blocking Structure that prevents sound from leaking in or out for clearer sound quality. By attenuating ambient noise and sound leakage better than headphones with Dynamic drivers – a superior listening experience is produced, improving the rich and expressive overall sound quality which audiophiles crave for.

    Offering even greater portability with added functionality, the XBA-1, XBA-2, XBA-3, XBA-4 also come in versions designated the “iP” series, which add the convenience to remotely control the functions of music players and Smartphones, and hands–free talk with Smartphones. When coupled with the included microphone, the iP series offers an immersive out-of-the-box listening experience in a minutely sized package.

    Active Mobility (Waterproof Headphones)

    Designed to closely match the contours of the ear, the XBA-S65 is Sony’s latest offering suitable for the sporty consumer looking for a quality audio accessory on-the-run. Washable and waterproof (waterproof standard IPX5 and IPX7), the XBA-S65 features a high sound transmission waterproof film coating, while the adjustable ear loop mechanism provides for secure, fitting comfort – all without sacrificing audio performance and maintaining top-notch sound quality.

    Wireless Music on the Go (Wireless Bluetooth headsets)

    Unique amongst wireless Bluetooth headsets, the XBA-BT75 is a simple and convenient wireless headset alternative – thanks to the micro-sized structures of the newly developed BA units, the battery and control IC chip were integrated in the headphones housing, enabling the removal of the battery and control box typically found in such units. The supplied carrying case even allows you to conveniently charge the headset on-the go.

    For the Discerning Traveller (Digital Noise Cancelling headphones)

    The XBA-NC85D features the world’s first box-free design and holds claim to being the smallest and lightest in-ear digital noise cancelling headphones around today. With a sleek, compact design made possible by the headphone’s micro-sized BA driver unit and power-saving integrated DNC processor, the XBA-NC85D features extra-long battery life of up to 20 hours. When coupled with the supplied portable compact USB charge adaptor, battery life will never be a concern of the frequent traveller ever again.

    With the automatic Artificial Intelligence (AI) noise cancelling function based on intuitive background analysis of environmental noise, and overall ambient noise cancellation at 97.5% , the XBA-NC85D is truly the discerning audiophile’s companion of choice.

    The XBA-1, XBA-2, XBA-3 and XBA-4 come supplied with hybrid silicone rubber ear buds available in four sizes for a secure and comfortable fit, along with uniquely designed noise isolation ear buds in three sizes. The XBA-BT75 comes supplied with hybrid silicone rubber ear buds available in three sizes, while the ear buds for the XBA-S65 come supplied in four sizes. The XBA-NC85D comes with noise isolation ear buds in three sizes.

    The new Sony Balanced Armature headphones will be available from all authorized Sony dealers at a later date.

    About Sony Electronics Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

    Based in Singapore, Sony Electronics Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. is a subsidiary of Sony Corporation. It serves as the regional management and marketing headquarters for Sony’s consumer as well as broadcasting and professional products, overseeing Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa regions. For more information on Sony’s products and services in Asia Pacific, please visitwww.sony-asia.com

    About Sony Corporation

    Sony Corporation is a leading manufacturer of audio, video, game, communications, key device and information technology products for the consumer and professional markets. With its music, pictures, computer entertainment and on-line businesses, Sony is uniquely positioned to be the leading electronics and entertainment company in the world. Sony recorded consolidated annual sales of approximately US$86.5 billion for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2011. Sony Global Web Site:http://www.sony.net/

    About make.believe

    “make.believe” (make dot believe) is a Group-wide brand message that unites Sony’s communications initiatives across electronics, games, movies, music, mobile phones and network services. “make.believe” symbolises the spirit of Sony – the power of creativity, the ability to turn ideas into reality and the belief that anything you can imagine, you can make real.


    Headphones - Sony Balanced Armature XBA-4 $ 499.00

    Closed, Quad Balanced Armature

    Driver Unit
    Quad Balanced Armature four (full range + woofer + tweeter + super woofer)

    108dB (150mV)

    Power Handling Capacity

    8ohms at 1kHz

    Frequency Response

    OFC litz cord neck-chain

    Cord Length

    Gold-plated L-shaped stereo mini plug

    Weight (Without Cord)
    Approx. 8g

    Supplied Accessories
    Hybrid silicone rubber earbuds* (SSx2, Sx2, Mx2, Lx2), Noise isolation earbuds** (Sx2, Mx2, Lx2), Cord Adjuster (winds cord up to 50cm) x 1, Carrying Case x 1, Operating Instructions x 1

    What is Balanced Armature?
    The makings of superior sound quality.

    Balanced Armature Drivers have a high-precision design. Its unique sealed casing features a spring force and magnetic pulling force, which are balanced on the armature - allowing it to move freely and produce optimal audio quality. Balanced Armature drivers also offer greater flexibility and can be specifically tuned for higher or lower ranges and combined to emphasise certain sounds. This enables precise control over the sound quality.

    XBA-4 Quad Balanced Armature Headphones
    Be impressed by the richest of sounds.

    The ultimate in superior sound performace, XBA-4 comes with Quad Balanced Armature Full Range Drivers with Woofer, Tweeter and Super Woofer units. It delivers an immersively rich soundscape across all frequencies - ranging from profound bass to bright and detailed high frequency sound. So go ahead. Listen to your music in its truest, purest form. And you'll agree that nothing else can compare.

    diğer modeler için buraya bakın sony Balanced Armature tıklyın



    http://www.sony.com.sg/product/xba-4 $ 499.00
    http://www.sony.com.sg/product/xba-4ip $ 519.00

    http://www.sony.com.sg/product/xba-1 $ 89.00
    http://www.sony.com.sg/product/xba-1ip $ 109.00

    http://www.sony.com.sg/product/xba-2 $ 199.00
    http://www.sony.com.sg/product/xba-2ip $ 219.00

    http://www.sony.com.sg/product/xba-3 $ 379.00
    http://www.sony.com.sg/product/xba-3ip $ 399.00


    http://www.sony.com.sg/product/xba-s65 $ 109.00

    http://www.sony.com.sg/product/xba-nc85d $ 599.00


    XBA-4 çok hoşuma gitti tambir teknoloji harikası 4 ayrı sürücü Quad Balanced Armature four (full range + woofer + tweeter + super woofer) herne kadar en pahalı kulandığım kulaklık 100usd olsada bunu almak isterdim. alamasamda biryerde mutlaka denemek isterim

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