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A black cape was climbing the stone stairs under the illumination of a full moon. The stairs seemed endless as the black cape climbed on and on. On it's way to the top, it never looked back, as if there was something ready to pull him to the ground.

The black cape was now dusty, each passing stone left its mark on it, some was just dust and some was just failures of other capes. Finally the black cape made it to the top. The top was not heaven but a castle wall, lightly visible with feint torches placed here and there. The stone architecture also continued here, old and dusty stones.

The black cape looked over the walls, it gazed its eyes upon the empty village which shined more than where he was. There were no people around the stone made streets, the wooden houses seemed and calm and silent but the streets were shining with its torch lights.

The black cape's gaze became envious, there he was climbing the cold stone stairs of castle, walking through darkness to reach to the top, bearing the pressure of unknown, only to find calm brightness he was looking for was at the bottom all along.

Herkese Merhabalar,

İngilizce Öğretmenliği okurken Paradise Lost konusundan esinlenip yazdığım bir "Cennet". Görüşlerinizi ve yorumlarınızı lütfen esirgemeyiniz :)

Since beginning of the humanity, humankind thought of only two places to go afterlife. One was said to be the paradise where everyone unconditionally happy and their joy never ends and in the other one the sinners face up to the eternal torment which is hell. Most people are satisfied with the idea of classical paradise and hell, that includes me as well but as I am wanted write my own paradise I will bestow my thoughts upon you, my dear reader.

After the judgment the people who are awarded with the paradise will be given two choices. One of the choices will be living the paradise in which they can taste the eternal joy without any boredom with their loved ones. There shall be limitless food, limitless entertainment and limitless wishes to be granted to them. The other choice is being a tormentor in the hell, the people who will choose this option will be reanimated into Dread Tormentors. Their flesh will be immune to the any harm, their blood will be converted into ice and wrath of the creator will be bestowed upon them as a tool of torment for the sinners in the hell. They will look 26 years old, their eyes will glow blue of the power inside them, their flesh will be pale as a person who has never been exposed to any light, their strength will be beyond comprehension with the other creatures and the source of their joy will be the agony of the sinners in the hell. Their paradise will be their own mind.

The hell will be filled with blue flames which will not only burn the sinners bodies but also their souls which will result in the almost obliteration of their souls. This will not only give the sinners hope of extinction but will also take it from them at the peak of obliteration. The ground will be icy and grasping, burning the sinners bodies with immense cold. The air will be icy winds which will freeze the sinners internal organs and break them inside their bodies. There will be no light in hell, the only things which will illuminate there will be the Tormentor Angels and Dread Tormentors, so that the sinners will be filled with dread before they get tormented personally. The sinners bodies will regenerate constantly but this will not be painless process for them, they will feel each cell forming in their bodies and being obliterated over and over again continuing to the eternity.

When the Dread Tormentors walk in the hell, all the angels will bow before them, the blue flames will come to life and yell out their names throughout the whole hell. As they walk, the sinners will try to hide and escape from them but the icy grip of the ground will pull them to the Dread Tormentors. When they face to the Dread Tormentors, their minds will be filled all the negative emotions possible and their dread will feed joy of the Dread Tormentors which will give them pleasure beyond comprehension that will make them hungry for more of it which will motivate them to torment more and enjoy more.

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